Dear Friends,

The third edition of IDEC is ready. The support and enthusiasm of delegates and our industry partners have spurred us on to take IDEC to greater heights.


Our goal is

  • To provide state-of-the art, current academic inputs to delegates
  • To ignite the passion of research in medicine
  • To help delegates further their career goals in terms of value addition to their existing practice

To this end, IDEC – 2019 brings to you dedicated, theme based updates in three important areas that are often not given their due importance, nevertheless vital. IDEC – ENDO UPDATE discusses 4 key areas of endocrinology that every physician and diabetologist should be abreast of IDEC – LIPID UPDATE hopes to resolve many controversies surrounding the use of lipid lowering agents. IDEC – NODAL UPDATE is the most exciting of all, addressing several issues of lifestyle management/obesity/nutrition including the latest trends in diet and exercise – a hot topic of discussion in all forums.

As in the past 2 years, our workshops & lectures in diabetes will provide hands-on training, protocols and knowledge for enhanced and enriched clinical practice. Technology, research, diabetic complications and management issues will be the focus of the different lectures and workshops.

We have world-class faculty,both national and international,that will share their knowledge and expertise with the delegates through plenary sessions, case studies and panel discussions. All in all, an academic feast awaits you all.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Dr Guillermo E Umpierrez
Organizing Chairman (USA)

Dr Lilly Rodrigues
Jt Organizing Secretary

Dr Sanjay Agarwal
Organizing Chairman

Dr Neeta Deshpande
Scientific Chairperson

Dr S R Aravind
Cheif Advisor

Dr Vijay Negalur
Organizing Secretary

Dr Anjali Bhat
Co-Chairperson, Scientific Committee