Conclave Vision

In the plethora of the meetings on diabetes intended for the vast majority of clinicians, we felt the need to create a platform for advanced learning in diabetes. This group will be involved in intense discussions on new hypothesis, interim data on ongoing global trials, new molecules in the development and their interim results, technologies in the pipeline, Diabetes Care vision for India, consensus and debates on advancement of our understanding on various aspects of diabetes based on research and clinical opinions of experts, setting up of ideal care centers and optimum use of data generated by individual clinicians to use for research and business analysis, opportunity to collaborate for expansion of ideas with various global and national experts.

This is just a snapshot view of a large framework to come in the meeting. We firmly believe the concept of “Learning through sharing”

We promise to hold this conclave every year and hope that it will grow over time to be one of the most successful and respected meeting for the diabetes experts. We welcome each one of you!!


Dr. Ira J Goldberg, USA

Organising Team

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

Organising Chairman