Sr No Speaker Name Topic Date Uploaded Watch Video
1 Dr Vijay Panikar CV Outcomes and Adherence with GLP-1 RAs 2019 Watch video
2 Dr J J Mukherjee SGLT 2i and DPP 4i Fixed dose combination 2019 Watch video
3 Dr Manoj Chawla Ultra short acting insulins 2019 Watch video
4 Dr Vijay Negalur Leveraging technology, Diabetic patient with gliptin 2019 Watch video
5 Dr Ajay Kumar Complementary Duo : Basal Insulin plus GLP 1RA 2019 Watch video
6 Dr Sharvil Gadvi Diabetes and Inflammation 2019 Watch video
7 Dr Vijay Negalur Pathophysiology of Fatty Liver & T2D 2019 Watch video
8 Dr Shailaja kale Diabetes And Pregnancy | Preparations and Insights 2019 Watch video
9 Dr Shailaja Kale Heart Failure Frequent Forgotten & Fatal Complication of Diabetes Mellitus 2019 Watch video
10 Dr Sarita Bajaj Diabetes and Anemia 2019 Watch video
11 Dr Sanjay Agarwal Clinical Dilemma 2019 Watch video
12 Dr Deepti Kulkarni Diabetic Retinopathy 2019 Watch video
13 Dr Bhavana Sosale Insulin and Steroids 2019 Watch video
14 Dr Benny Negalur Should cancer be considered a complication of Diabetes 2019 Watch video
15 Dr Vivian Fonseca Subclinical Thyroid Disease 2019 Watch video
16 Dr Usha Sriram Best Menopause Books 2019 Watch video
17 Dr Unnikrishnan A G Testosterone deficiency 2019 Watch video
18 Dr Suresh Damodharan Hyperthyoidism Current Concepts 2019 Watch video
19 Dr Prasun Deb Eractile Dysfunction andDiabetes 2019 Watch video
20 Dr Prasun Deb Diagnosis of Osteoporosis 2019 Watch video
21 Dr Latika Purohit Painful Diabetic Neuropathy: What are the therapeutic options available today? 2019 Watch video
22 Dr Krishna Seshadri Approach to Male Hypogonadism 2019 Watch video
23 Dr Kenneth Cusi Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) 2019 Watch video
24 Dr Anjali Bhatt Thyroid disorders in pregnancy 2019 Watch video
25 Dr Anil Bansali Osteoporosis 2019 Watch video
26 Dr. Pankaj Srivastav Soft Skills 2019 Watch video
27 Dr. Pankaj Srivastav Soft Skills 2019 Watch video
28 Dr. Rajesh Deshmane Dr. Rajesh Deshmane 2019 Watch video
29 Dr. Amit Naghate Dr. Amit Naghate - Foot Care Guidelines 2019 Watch video
30 Dr. Amit Naghate Dr. Amit Naghate - Offloading - the Goal to Diabetec foot Management 2019 Watch video
31 Dr. Alpana Sowani Dr. Alpana Sowani - Antibacterial drugs and Topical agents in the management of diabetic foot 2019 Watch video
32 Dr. Snehal Tanna Dr. Snehal Tanna - Podiatry-OPD Management of Diabetic foot Infections-Management of Interdigital 2019 Watch video
33 Dr. Abhijit Jadhav Identifying foot at risk & Charcot foot early Diagnosis 2019 Watch video
34 Dr. Alka Gandhi History taking & Clinical Examination of Diabetec foot, Demonstrationoftestingtools 2019 Watch video
35 Dr. Purvi Chawala Introduction to Diabetic foot-Magnitude of the Problem 2019 Watch video
36 Dr. Sanjay Jervin How to Publish the Studies ? 2019 Watch video
37 Dr. Mubashir Angolikar Writing Manuscript / Case Reports 2019 Watch video
38 Dr. Sanjay Drawing Data From One's Own Clinic, Observational Studies 2019 Watch video
39 Dr. Mubashir Angolikar Formulating A Research Question 2019 Watch video
40 Dr. Valentine lobo Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
41 Dr. Vijay negalur Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
42 Dr. Vipul Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
43 Dr. Valentine lobo Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
44 Dr. Mitali Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
45 Dr. Valentine lobo Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
46 Dr. Vipul Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
47 Dr. Valentine lobo Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
48 Dr. Vipul Kangan Hall Day 1 Speaker 3 2019 Watch video
49 Dr. Mitali Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
50 Dr. Valentine lobo Diabetic Nephropathy 2019 Watch video
51 Dr Archana Sarda Model for Structuring the care for T1D 2019 Watch video
52 Prof.C S Yajnik Dual Teratogenesis A pathway to Diabetes 2019 Watch video
53 W. Timoty Garvey Weight loss VS Glucoregulation as Primary Therapeutic Strategi in Type 2 Diabetes 2019 Watch video
54 Dr V Sashiah GDM is the Mother of Non Communicable Diseases 2019 Watch video
55 Dr Rajeev Chawla Refining ASCVD Risk Assessment to Individualize Therapy in Primary Prevention 2019 Watch video
56 Dr Rajiv Kovil ACP DM Guideline 2019 Watch video
57 Dr Altamash Shaikh Consultant Endocrinologist, Diabetologist n Metabolic Specialist 2019 Watch video
58 Dr Praveen Oral Insulin Is the Future Here ? 2019 Watch video
59 Dr Vaman Khadilkar Growth In Children With Type 1 Diabetes 2019 Watch video
60 Dr Guillermo Umpierrez Adjunctive Therapies to Insulin For Patients with Type 1 Diabetes 2019 Watch video
61 Dr Brij Makkar Remission of Type2 Diabetes 2019 Watch video
62 W. Timoty Garvey AACE Obesity Guidelines 2019 Watch video
63 Dr Vijay Negalur Clinical Implimentation of Glycemic Pentad 2019 Watch video
64 Dr S R Aravind Behavioural Therapy for Chronic Diseases 2019 Watch video
65 Dr Banshi Saboo SENSE The Glucose & PUMP in Insulin 2019 Watch video
66 Prof. Gluillermo E. Umpierrez Global Agenda for the Prevention of Diabetes 2019 Watch video
67 Dr A K Singh Advancing ADVANCE : Where does Sus fits now from CV aspects 2019 Watch video
68 Dr Shashank Joshi New SGLT2 inhibitors 2019 Watch video
69 Dr Manoj Chawla Modern Sus in Comlicated Cases 2019 Watch video
70 Dr Sunil Gupta Evolving Evidence with DPP 4i 2019 Watch video
71 Dr A K Singh Credibility of Credence 2019 Watch video
72 Dr Shilpa Joshi Lifestyle Modification and Weight Loss in PCOS 2019 Watch video
73 Dr Sanjay Sharma 2019 Watch video
74 Dr Minal Mohite Diagnosed with GDM 2019 Watch video
75 Dr Bhavana Sosale Diabetic Retinopathy Screening with AI 2019 Watch video
76 Dr Rucha Mehta The Metabolic Syyndrome And IR in PCOS 2019 Watch video
77 Dr Sarita Bajaj A Women with Diabetes And Heart Diabetes 2019 Watch video
78 Dr Anjali Bhatt Women with Diabetes and Heart Diabetes 2019 Watch video
79 Dr Usha Sriram Women & Diabetes a Lifecourse Approach 2019 Watch video
80 Dr Archana Sarda An Adolescent Girl With PCOS And Prediabetes 2019 Watch video
81 Dr Vivian Fonseca Will SU s Make a Comeback After CAROLINA ? 2019 Watch video
82 Dr Kenneth Cusi The Good and the Bad of Pioglitazone 2019 Watch video
83 W. Timothy Garvey, MD Browning of White Adipose Tissue 2019 Watch video
84 Dr Ranjit Unnikrishnana Intermuscular Adipose Tissue 2019 Watch video
85 Prof. C S Yajanik Are the Seeds of Adiposity sown in utero 2019 Watch video
86 Dr Ajay Kumar Restoring Insulin Secretion 2019 Watch video
87 Dr B M Makkar Preview Study 2019 Watch video
88 Dr Anjali Bhatt Continuous Glycemic Monitoring case based learning 2019 Watch video
89 Dr Shalini Jaggi Technological Aids to Improve Adherence 2019 Watch video
90 Dr Srivani Palukuri Role of patient Engagement in Improving 2019 Watch video
91 Dr Shreevidya Venkatraman Top 3 Annual Investigations for Diabetes in a Resource poor Setting 2019 Watch video
92 Prof.S V Madhu Stress Coping as a Major Determinant of risk of Diabetes 2019 Watch video
93 Dr Nita Munshi Methods of HbA1c testing : what best can we do..? 2019 Watch video
94 Dr Neeta Deshpande Quality of a pharmaceutical product 2019 Watch video
95 Dr Minal Mohit Hypoglycemia and Cardiovascular Event Is there really a connection 2019 Watch video
96 Dr Arvind Gupta Post Breakfast Glycemic Spikes 2019 Watch video
97 Dr Amit Saraf Top 3 [ Implementable ] Knowledge Gaps in Diabetes 2019 Watch video
98 Dr A K Singh Three big diabetes Trials which has changed the practice recently 2019 Watch video
99 Dr Nitin Patke Triglyceride Treatment 2019 Watch video
100 Dr Tejas Shaha Omega 3 Fatty Acids in ASCVD Risk Reduction to be or not to be 2019 Watch video
101 Dr Shirish [ M S ] Hiremath Evolocumab: APCSK9 inhibitor Latest in Lipid Lowering Drug 2019 Watch video
102 Dr Shirish [ M S ] Hiremath Familial Hypercholesterolemia [ HeFH and HoFH ] 2019 Watch video
103 Dr Brij Mohan Clinical Trails in Lipidology 2019 Watch video
104 Dr Ajay Kumar Demystifying Dyslipidemia 2019 Watch video
105 Dr A G Unnikrishnan Top 3 Hazards, Media,Alternative Therapies,Ethical Dilemmas 2019 Watch video
106 Dr Naaznin Husein Yoga : A Lifestyle Therapy 2019 Watch video
107 Dr Tvisha Parikh Does weight training help in weight loss without bulking ? 2019 Watch video
108 Dr Aashish Contractor Marathon Running 2019 Watch video
109 Dr Tvisha Parikh Physical Exercise Guidelines & Exercise Prescription 2019 Watch video
110 Dr Shilpa Joshi Intermittent Fasting 2019 Watch video
111 Dr Salome Benjamin Glycemic Control 2019 Watch video
112 Dr Rucha Mehta Ketogenic Diet 2019 Watch video
113 Ruby Sound Ergogenic Aids 2019 Watch video
114 Dr Naaznin Husein Fat Burners 2019 Watch video
115 Dr Sneha Raje Are Millets Better than Wheat or Rice for Blood Sugar 2019 Watch video
116 Dr Geeta Dharmatti Can Mango be Eaten in persons with Diabetes ? 2019 Watch video
117 Dr Neeta Deshpande Meal Based Solutions 2019 Watch video
118 Dr Banshi Saboo Is Breakfast over rated in the weight loss plan 2019 Watch video
119 Dr Aashish Contractor Exercise in Obesity 2019 Watch video
120 Dr B. M. Makkar Tackling Sarcopenia 2019 Watch video
121 Dr Rucha Mehta Precautions to be taken before putting patients on exercise protocol 2019 Watch video
122 W. Timothy Garvey, MD Comlications Centric Approach to Obesity 2019 Watch video
123 Dr Manoj Chawla Management of Diabetes in the Elderly 2019 Watch video
124 Dr Neeta Deshpande A New Take On Insulin Glargine 2019 Watch video
125 Viral Sagwan Case Study 2018 Watch video
126 Vijay Panikar Canvas Program Renal Outcomes Perspective 2018 Watch video
127 Sonali Patange Examination of Diabetic Foot at Risk Using Old & Modern Technology 2018 Watch video
128 Shalini Jaggi Controversies in Diabetes 2018 Watch video
129 Rajiv Chawla Approach to Non Diabetic Hypoglycemia 2018 Watch video
130 Benny Naglur Management of Diabetic foot from Physicians Point of View 2018 Watch video
131 Anjana Mohan Should Metformin Remain The First Line of Treatment 2018 Watch video
132 Usha Sriram Is Time for Gender Specific Guidelines in Diabetes Care 2018 Watch video
133 Sanjay Reddy Insilin Therapy in End Organ Damage & Transplant 2018 Watch video
134 Rucha Mehta The Obesity Conundrum 2018 Watch video
135 Rucha Mehta 1 Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy 2018 Watch video
136 Rajiv Kovil Extreme High Doses of Insulin How to Manage 2018 Watch video
137 Neeta Deshpande CV Risk in Diabetic Women 2018 Watch video
138 Guillermo Umpierrez Can GDM be Prevented 2018 Watch video
139 Guillermo Umpierrez Strategies for Managing Postprandial Glucose Excursions 2018 Watch video
140 Brij Makkar Obesity should be treated in Fat but Fit Individuals 2018 Watch video
141 Arvind Gupta Diabetes insulin Antagonists 2018 Watch video
142 Archana Sarda Labile Type 1 Diabetes 2018 Watch video
143 Anoop Misra Nutrient Manipulation for Obesity 2018 Watch video
144 Anjana Mohan Physical Activity in Women 2018 Watch video
145 Ambrish Mittal A Practical Approach to Management of Osteoporosis 2018 Watch video
146 Vinayak Nandalike Neuro Touch 2018 Watch video
147 Sunder Mudaliar Diabetes Prevention 2018A Look Back an a Look Ahead 2018 Watch video
148 Shreerang Godbole Root Cause of Type 2 Diabetes Liver 2018 Watch video
149 Sanjiv Shah Mydose Coach An appBbased Approach for Basal Titration 2018 Watch video
150 Sanjiv Shah ( Root Cause Pancreas) 2018 Watch video
151 S R Aravind S R Arvind Unattainable HbA1c Goals 2018 Watch video
152 S R Aravind Biotech Innovation 2018 Watch video
153 Raghuraj S Raghuraj S 2018 Watch video
154 Partha Sarathi Pati The Diabetes Threat & What does it mean for Insurers 2018 Watch video
155 M A Shekar Healthy or Successful Ageing 2018 Watch video
156 Bhargav Sosale Medios 2018 Watch video
157 Abhishek Shah Digital Lifestyle Modification 'Pill' 2018 Watch video
158 A H Zargar Global dimension of Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus Where are we Heading 2018 Watch video
159 Vivian Fonseca Lipids 2018 Watch video
160 Sunder Mudaliar Diabetes Prevention 2018 2018 Watch video
161 Sujay Ghosh Diabetes in Young 2018 Watch video
162 Sujay Ghosh Modern Sulphonylureas 2018 Watch video
163 Shreerang Godbole Liver Point of View 2018 Watch video
164 Shaukat Sadikot Nerves 2018 Watch video
165 Sanjiv Shah Root Cause of Diabetes Pancreas 2018 Watch video
166 S R Aravind Biotech Innovation 2018 Watch video
167 Panel Discussion Panel Discussion 2018 Watch video
168 Nitin Kapoor Diagnosis of a Fatty Liver on USG 2018 Watch video
169 Neeta Deshpande CHO Restriction 2018 Watch video
170 Mala Dharmalingam Endocrine Hypertension 2018 Watch video
171 Jayant Panda Role of HCQ in T2DM 2018 Watch video
172 J J Mukherjee FDC_1 2018 Watch video
173 Gorge Bakris Diabetic Nephropathy 2018 Watch video
174 Geroge Bakris Blood Pressure Guidelines 2018 Watch video
175 Altamash Shaikh NAFDLD in T2DM Therapeutic Choices 2018 Watch video
176 Madhura Case Study 2018 Watch video
177 Ashwini Joshi Recurrent Hypo Gilacimia 2018 Watch video
178 Prashant S Ratnaparki Cardiovascular Complications 2018 Watch video
179 Monogenic Diabetes Monogenic Diabetes 2018 Watch video
180 Prajakta Prescription Pattern 2018 Watch video
181 Chitra Selvan Osteopolosis Clinic 2018 Watch video
182 Nitin Kapoor Osteopolosis Clinic 2018 Watch video
183 Dr Anjali Bhatt How to Investigate Every Patient 2018 Watch video
184 Dr Deepak K Jumani Dr Deepak K Jumani 2018 Watch video
185 Dr Ganapathi Bantrwal How to Improve Compliance/Safety 2018 Watch video
186 Dr Jayashree Todkar Dr Jayashree Todkar 2018 Watch video
187 Dr Vijay Naglur The Gut Brain Pancreas axis 2018 Watch video
188 Dr Sanjay Reddy Managing Bladder Dysfunction 2018 Watch video
189 Dr Sanjay Shah Dr Sanjay Shah 2018 Watch video
190 Dr Shashank Joshi DPP4 Inhibitors 2018 Watch video
191 Dr Unnikrishnan AG Advances in Lipid Management 2018 Watch video
192 Dr Valentine Lobo Recurrent UTI in Diabetics 2018 Watch video
193 Dr Vivian Fonseca Dr Vivian Fonseca 2018 Watch video
194 Dr Aryan Sharma Obesity Definition & Classification 2018 Watch video
195 Dr Banshi Saboo Controversies in Management of Type 2 Diabetes 2018 Watch video
196 Dr Brij Makkar Setting Up An Obesity Clinic 2018 Watch video
197 Dr Garry rayman Inpatient Diabetes care 2018 Watch video
198 Dr Geeta Dharmatti Personalised Nutrition Statergies Fact or Hype 2018 Watch video
199 Dr Manoj Chawla In Hospital Management of Hyperglycaemia Indian Pers 2018 Watch video
200 Dr Neeta Deshpande Mid Meal Snacks in Type 2 Diabetes 2018 Watch video
201 Dr Nitin Kapoor Evaluation & follow up Obesity Clinic Workshop 2018 Watch video
202 Dr Purvi Chawla Making of A New Drug Clinicians 2018 Watch video
203 Dr Shailaja Kale Diabetes after GDM Review of Literature 2018 Watch video
204 Dr Shashank Shah Newer Perspective on Bariatric Surgery 2018 Watch video
205 Dr Shrirang Godbole Pharmacotherapy 2018 Watch video
206 Dr Usha Sriram Strategies for Prevention of GDM 2018 Watch video
207 Dr Vivian Fonseca GLP1 vs SGLT2i 2018 Watch video
208 Dr Vivian Fonseca What Have we learnt from CV Outcomes 2018 Watch video
209 Mrs Zamurrud Patel Mrs Zamurrud Patel 2018 Watch video
210 Dr Shilpa Joshi Remission of Diabetes is Possible without Surgery 2018 Watch video
211 Dr A H Zargar Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 2018 Watch video
212 Dr Anuj Maheshwari Diabetic Oncopathy Exploiting Associations between Diabetes & Cancer 2018 Watch video
213 Dr Benny Negalur Diabetic Foot Ulcers Newer Modalities of Treatment 2018 Watch video
214 Dr Rajiv Kovil Preventive Diabetes Centre & Diabetic Foot Clinic 2018 Watch video
215 Dr Sanjay Pujari HIV & Diabetes 2018 Watch video
216 Dr Shilpa Kodkeny Fundus Examination by A Diabetologist 2018 Watch video
217 Dr Tirthankar Chaudhury Diabetes & Tuberculosis 2018 Watch video
218 Dr Vageesh Ayyar S Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy 2018 Watch video
219 Dr Manoj Chawla Digital Clinic 2018 Watch video
220 Prof Gerry Rayman Application of new technologies to Diabetes Care 2018 Watch video
221 Dr Anil Bhorsakar Chronic Disease 2018 Watch video
222 Dr Anjali Bhatt Intensification of Insulin Therapy 2018 Watch video
223 Dr Guillermo Umpierre Diabetes Management in the Elderly 2018 Watch video
224 Dr Naval Vikram Sarcopenia in insulin Resistance Therapeutic Strategies 2018 Watch video
225 Dr Nitin Kapoor Ectopic Fat Deposition in Liver & its Consequences 2018 Watch video
226 Dr Paresh Dandona Macronutrients Induced inflammation & oxidativ stress Role in insulin 2018 Watch video
227 Dr Rajeev Chawla NAFLD in Metabolically Healthy Obese 2018 Watch video
228 Dr Sachin Chittwar Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Indian Phenotype 2018 Watch video
229 Dr Shubhankar Chowdhury Liver Fat Gene/Gut Interaction Impact on Therapy 2018 Watch video
230 Dr Sunil Gupta Insulin Therapty in Diabetic Pregnancy Indian Experience 2018 Watch video
231 Dr Anjana Mohan Clinical Implications 2018 Watch video
232 Dr Chitra Selvan Precision Medicine in Diabetes 2018 Watch video
233 Dr Mangesh tiwaskar Choosing the right GLP 1 RA for your patient 2018 Watch video
234 Dr Usha Sriram Diabetes & Bone Health 2018 Watch video
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